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Rules and Regulation of Water Polo

Water Polo originated in Britain and was one of the original sports featured at the first modern Olympic Games in 1900. It was a dynamic team game that required all participants to also have a high level of fitness. which is also a great level of endurance. Featuring fast and furious action, this is an exciting game to play and watch.

In water polo, two teams compete, with seven players in the competition at a time, including a goalkeeper. The pool is two meters deep, and no player's foot can cling to the bottom. 카지노 When owning the ball, team players must continue to swim and have 30 seconds to shoot. Each team has seven players in the pool: six field players and a goal keeper. Teams may switch players while the ball is playing, but those players must enter and exit the game either in front of their team’s bench or from the corner. When the clock stops, players can enter and exit the playing field from anywhere. A game is played in four stages, the length of which depends on the level of play.

Start of Play; Players line up on their respective goal lines and swim for the ball after the ref whistle.

Boundaries; Players active in the game are not allowed to get stuck in the water. Pools need to be 30 meters long and 20 meters wide. There is a 2m line, 5m line, and mid-pool line. If an offensive player is located within the 2 meter line with no ball or no defender also within the line, then the offensive player will whistle.

Major Foul; If a player is called for a major foul, then the player is required to sit out of the game for 20sec. If a player receives three major fouls in a game, they cannot return for the remainder of the game. Common major fouls result from sinking, snatching, or limiting an offensive player before the offensive player gets the ball. You can also get from talking back to the referee, Interfering with taking a free throw, To kick or strike an opponent intentionally or make a goal, Misconduct or foul language, violent or persistent that foul play or disrespect to the officer.

Minor Foul; A water polo penalty that results in a free throw for the opposing team. On offense, minor or ordinary fouls include touching or pushing a defender, Getting a ball under water in a tackle, Using 2 hands on the ball unless you are the goalkeeper within 5 meters.

Referee; In full control of the game. They should refrain from calling a foul if the advantage is taken by the holding team.

Objective of the Game;

The goal of water polo is to get more goals than the opposing team. Each team can have up to six players and one goalie in play at any one time. Players can pass and swim to gain position to score a conflicting goal. The games last between 45-60 mins. and are divided into four quarters. These are some of the basic rules of water polo. Feel free to ask the Ref for clarification on the rules after the game if you are unsure. Enjoy your games and skills. Play hard and play fair.

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